VISMAYA is a Corporate National Responsibility (CNR) initiative of AIWMI.

Our Objective:

To serve the families of our Martyrs by providing their kids a mentor who can guide them on their education & career related matters.

Why Vismaya?

It has been seen time and again that when a soldier or a policeman sacrifices his life in the line of duty, the family gets a lot of sympathy and support within the first few days. And then we move on and get busy with our lives till tragedy strikes again somewhere else.

When a nation loses a soldier, his role can be taken up by the next recruit. But when a kid loses a parent, no one can take that place in his life. Parents are the fulcrum which moulds a child’s future. Losing a parent in the formative years could affect a child’s life in multiple ways. A child losing out on this most important support system because his parent sacrificed his life for the country is a very negative reflection on us as a society. The attention span of citizens is limited but the loss to the families of these martyrs is permanent. Vismaya is an effort to correct this imbalance.

Who will this include?

Vismaya will cover the kids of our martyrs (10 – 25 yrs) from the Armed forces, Paramilitary forces and Police departments.