How We Work

Vismaya works through 3 major sections:


Each volunteer is assigned one child whom the volunteer is supposed to handhold during the child’s engagement with us. In other words, a Volunteer is a Guardian for a particular child, connected with him throughout, actively involved in his development and responsible for helping the child connect with the right mentors during different stages of his life. A volunteer is expected to spend on an average 12 working days (full/half) with the Child during a year in addition to participating in Vismaya’s annual forum and regional events. A volunteer can only be a guardian of one child at a time.


Our Mentors are some of the most accomplished names from different occupational domains. The Mentors are expected to mentor maximum 5 children at a time and can continue mentoring the same throughout the engagement period. A Mentor is expected to meet the child at least twice a year in addition to being a part of Vismaya’s annual forum and at least one regional mentoring event.


Our experts are leaders from key domains like food & nutrition, child psychology, physical training, medicine, etc. who will play an important role in ensuring that our children members have all the right support in ensuring an overall growth.