What we do

Education Guidance

We provide education and career guidance to the children through a pool of highly accomplished individuals. Our Mentors ably supported by our Volunteers not only guide the children in reaching an optimum level of personal development but also hand-hold them in their chosen field of study.

We help the students to make right choices, as well as make adjustments in relation to school curriculum, courses and school life which contributes to the all-round development.

Education Support

In addition to the guidance provided by our Mentors, we also provide direct support to our children members through the following events and initiatives:

  • Regular Speed Mentoring Sessions
  • Tie-ups with various global academic institutions  for fee discounts/ waivers
  • Annual Event
  • Video Tutorials
  • Research Work
  • Complimentary passes to various educational and career related events
  • Educational Webinars

Career Mentoring

We bring on board accomplished professionals from different fields and design regular initiatives to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and connections the children need as they transition into the work life.

The program allows students to:

  • get experience that compliments and gives context to academic pursuits.
  • practice industry-specific, transferable, and self-management skills to improve chances of landing a job.
  • increase self-awareness and understanding of how to contribute to the work world.
  • expand career options by learning job search strategies.
  • exchange knowledge, insights, and experience with a mentor.